Welcome to Thinker Travels!  Finding, planning and enjoying travel has been my passion for years.  I truly love helping friends and family, as well as my wife and me to see the world, and now I look forward to helping you.

Through my travel site, blog and  youtube channel, I will share my experiences and tips to assist your travel planning.  Yes, this is a travel site and I would love to help you to achieve your travel dreams, but I also want to share ways to maximize your experiences. Through destination information, credit card points systems, airline mile tips, financial planning, and even behavioral psychology, let's work together to enable you to maximize the enjoyment of your precious vacation time.


Many people have heard of the acronym DINK (dual income, no kids), but my wife and I prefer the more elaborate term, THINKER (Two Household Income, No Kids, Early Retirement).  While a bit tongue-in-cheek, I love the term, as it accurately describes both our enabler and approach to travel.  Like many of you, we appreciate luxury, value, and unique experiences,  and enjoy learning about the many cultures and geographies that our amazing planet has to offer.  

For us, travel is more than the destination, but also the journey.  Focusing on luxury products, I specialize in cruises and land based resorts that provide the highest level of service and quality to maximize your total travel experience.  I look forward connecting with you directly, understanding your needs, passions, and travel desires, working with you to enjoy the world!


Venice Italy
Bridge of Sighs, Venice Italy