Rewards Dining Network another #SuperBonusMiles idea

Want to get an extra 5x miles for dining out?

One of the easiest and most versatile ways to earn miles or points is through the Rewards Dining Network.  It’s completely passive once you set up your account, and miles and points are automatically added to your account.  All you have to do is dine at participating restaurants and use a credit card linked to Rewards Dining Network. That’s it, nothing else to remember.  It’s literally the set it and forget it of earning miles.

How it works

Go to website

Select a partner that aligns with your system.

Currently, a number of airlines participate (I’m signed up with United,  obviously, but all major US airlines are involved), as well as hotels (Hilton, IHG, and Caesars), a direct cash back option, as well as charities or programs like Upromise.

You can only select one partner, again here’s why it pays off to have a single goal and system.

Once you select your partner, create your account, and enter your credit cards that you will be using to dine out.  If you’re following the rest of my system, this will be the Chase Sapphire Reserve to get the 3x bonus, and I’d set up your Chase Freedom for the times where dining is the 5x category.

On the RDN site you can search for participating restaurants near you.  In some locations, there aren’t many, but a few happen to be my local favorites.  For lunch, I love Bangkok 101 in Dublin,CA, and one of our absolute favorites in Livermore, Zephyr on First street participates.  

A few other things to check

Not every location participates every day of the week, so check the site to make sure your visit counts.  Each restaurant can add other restrictions as well, such as Zephyr near me only rewards you first dining each calendar month.

Starting off, you’ll be a regular member, and earn 3x points per dollar charged on your card at member restaurants.   Once you achieve 12 visits to any restaurants on RDN within a year, you become a VIP member for the next year, earning 5x miles per dollar spent.  For me, it’s not to hard to achieve and maintain VIP status, even with just monthly trips to Zephyr. While I already love their food, it tastes so much better knowing I’m getting 8x miles per dollar.  Sure, let’s get a bottle of wine and appetizer as we think about the next trip we’ll take on those points!

That’s it! Sign up, check out restaurants in your area, and happy dining and earning!

Dining’s #SuperBonusMiles



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