Starting Travel Planning as an INTJ

Starting things off here, thank you for visiting, and thank you for reading.  While I’m just starting Thinker Travels in May 2019, travel and many associated topics have been a huge passion of mine for many years.  On my most recent cruise (10 nights on the Crystal Serenity, Monte Carlo to Venice, but more to come on that later), I realized that beyond actually enjoying the adventure, I am truly energized by the planning process, and why not apply that while helping other people to achieve their travel dreams?

I’m a big fan of the personality insights of the Myers Briggs profile, and strongly associate with the traits of an INTJ.  There are several particular aspects of my personality that I get to exercise and fulfill in travel planning.

As an extreme J in the division between Lifestyle preferences between J (Judging) and P (perceiving), I love structure, and knowing exactly what I’m getting into before I get there.  Judging/Perceiving are defined as how as person regards complexity, and a preference for living in the moment (P) versus planning (J), spontaneity versus organization.  Working with people of many personality types, as well as feedback from my wife and friends, I realize that I’m not normal.  I NEED to have life planned out in advance.  To the regret of many of our friends, I get much more enjoyment when a night out together is planned in advance versus last minute plans.  Add that to being extremely introverted in the Myers Briggs sense (recharging my energy from time alone, rather than with other people), it makes for a much quieter, planned existence, strategically preparing myself for social interactions.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and family, but time with my wife and cat are critical to my energy.

I plan our vacations out at least two years, and have my calendar marked for 335 days in advance of our trips so I can start monitoring flight prices.  While this may be viewed by some as missing out on life in the moment, I am much more relaxed knowing what is coming next, or having a clear destination in mind for the day, week, and year.

Tying that to Thinker Travels, I absolutely love planning! While others might abhor focusing on the details, I get a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment from it, so why not offer my skills to help them (hopefully, you!) to plan the perfect experience.  My wife, a proud ISTJ, also loves structure and quiet recharge time, but regarding planning, she has fully admitted that I have out J’ed her at this point, and has accepted that my commitment to planning has enabled her to relax and not dedicate energy to planning our travel.  I’m proud to plan our trips, be they a luxury cruise, or a quiet week on the beach at an adults-only all-inclusive in Mexico, to provide her with the quiet and recharging that she needs.  That said, she was the author of an epic spreadsheet planning on of our trips to London, which was perfectly executed.  I’m happy to share and help you make the most of your time in the UK!

I also love learning, and developing an expertise in subjects in which I’m interested.  For years, I’ve been reading and following the cruise industry, and in accordance with my personality, I’ve set a retirement goal of working up to a world cruise, actively following the 130+ day itineraries of Crystal and Regent Seven Seas, despite the fact that both time and money to achieve this are likely more than two decades away.  Thanks to my parents, I developed a love of cruising from an early age, and have had the opportunity to experience many cruise lines. Through personal experiences as well as a more, let’s say academic assessment of the various benefits that different ships and lines have to offer, I’m eager to work with you to determine your dreams, and help you find the right experience to meet your needs.

So with that, welcome to my planned adventure in the travel business, and let’s see where we can go together.

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